Mopping up spills easier with new equipment

AFTER several months of careful planning, on-site consultation and detailed discussions with Australia’s major players in port operations and authorities, Lamor tier 2 and 3 oil spill response equipment was ready for deployment across Australia by June.
In collaboration with various training providers across Australia, the Australian Government will ensure the users of Lamor equipment are fully competent in deploying the equipment to protect Australian waterways from oil spill disasters.
Federal Government authorities worked with state governments, emergency services, shipping, oil, exploration and chemical industries to maximise Australia’s marine pollution response capability by implementing a national plan for oil spill action.
The plan comprises the storage and maintenance of tier 1, 2 and 3 oil response equipment. The equipment is kept onsite at strategic ports across the country, ready for rapid deployment.
The national plan also ensures that relevant staff are trained in the correct use of equipment.
Lamor Corporation has been manufacturing oil spill response products in Finland since 1982 and is present in more than 92 countries, including Australia through its Australian agent Chatoyer Environmental.
The Lamor and Chatoyer Environmental team is a leading supplier of open water oil spill products and services and tier 1 spill response products in the southern hemisphere, providing top end solutions for all spill-related environmental protection.

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