Motor insight technology with advanced capabilities

POWER management company Eaton is proud to introduce its latest offering in motor overload technology: Motor Insight. Combining advanced motor and pump protection with superior diagnostics, Motor Insight contains complete remote power monitoring capabilities in a single unit.
“The advanced capabilities of the Motor Insight overload and monitoring relay make it perfect for any continuous process industry where uptime and throughput are critical, or for any motor or load in which energy consumption and performance data is desired,” Eaton stated.
The Motor Insight is a highly configurable motor load and line protection device with power monitoring, diagnostics and flexible communications. “Insight into motor performance allows for energy savings, optimisation of maintenance schedules, and greater system protection that extends equipment life and reduces overall costs and downtime. “Motor Insight provides more protection than standard bi-metallic overload relays and signals advance warning of pending failures by utilising its remote monitoring protection and communications capabilities,” the company stated.
According to Eaton, Motor Insight’s monitoring capabilities provided real cost savings by allowing its users to schedule maintenance when changes in system performance were observed. The company stated that real-time information about motor loads and the incoming line quality
helped users to recognise system changes and to take planned action before faults led to unscheduled downtime, significant damage to motors or pumps, or valuable energy being wasted.
“With a high degree of configurability, the motor, pump and line protection in the Motor Insight allow users to customise the type and level of protection that is required for their specific application.
“The flexible nature of Motor Insight enables users to program and monitor entire systems remotely, or display information locally for a single device,” Eaton stated.
Communications modules allow Motor Insight to communicate via Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus and Ethernet IP.

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