Multi-purpose caravans for mobile projects

SINCE 2010, BBB Remote Site Services has designed and manufactured an extensive fleet of caravans including accommodation, amenities, offices, storage and kitchens. Starting as caterers in 1976, in the past five years the company has grown significantly as a turnkey supplier of facilities, catering, cleaning and camp management services. BBB’s strongest demand is for remote site caravans that are easily mobilised, less costly for short-term projects and often do not require permits. The company has produced a fleet of accommodation caravans, in addition to kitchens, amenities, offi ces and specialised designs.
BBB’s Pipeliner model is designed for small crews of up to 12 people, static or mobile. The Pipeliner has a commercial kitchen capable of  serving 30 staff, laundry facilities for 20 and      two bathrooms capable of servicing 12 people.
According to BBB, the hire rate was cheaper than hiring a mobile kitchen without laundry or amenities and saved customers from
mobilising and demobilising three facilities. The company stated that recent enquiries had been strong in Onslow, in WA, and surrounding areas, with the development  of new projects in the region. Specialising in camp sites for the onshore oil and gas, infrastructure and mining industries, BBB effectively communicates with clients to provide the best quality service at all times.

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    April 17, 2012 at 5:28 pm

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