New application for fast access to expert medical advice

MEMBERSHIP with International SOS gives the company’s clients access to a broad range of resources and benefits, including specialist advice from the medical and security experts in its Alarm Centres and daily email alerts.
“We have one of the largest private fleets of dedicated air ambulances that are strategically located across the world so we can respond at a moment’s notice to reach clients in the shortest possible time,” International SOS stated.
In many cases, the company’s air ambulances are the only fully dedicated air ambulance resources in a region, and each is equipped with the latest medical equipment to cater for all types of medical emergencies.
Complementing its network of dedicated air ambulance resources, International SOS has a preferred provider network of accredited chartered aircraft and air ambulance companies available in both Papua New Guinea and the surrounding region.
“Our new Membership App for Androids, iPhones and Blackberries gives clients fast access to medical, security or logistical experts in times of need,” the company stated.
“The App provides access to immediate help from an International SOS Alarm Centre, whether it’s for advice or in an emergency, as well as comprehensive up-to-date medical and security advice on countries around the world.”
As a safeguard against lost membership numbers, the App stores each user’s unique number and personal information in a secure database that can only be accessed by International SOS’s Alarm Centre staff.
“Our monthly webinar series is designed to give clients advice directly from our experts, and addresses topical issues affecting employees and business outcomes,” the company stated.
“We run separate series for corporate; energy, mining and infrastructure; and government audiences, so the information is specific and relevant to the client’s company.”
Any employee from a member company can sign up to attend either the full webinar series or individual events, based on topics of interest. Recordings are made available for download from International SOS’s website for those who are unable to attend the live events.

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