New centre to ensure realistic training experiences

COVERING 3 hectares, ERGT Australia’s new Oil & Gas Safety Training Centre, which is set to open this month, will be the largest facility of its kind in the country.
ERGT built the centre on the principles established by the Australian oil and gas industry’s Common Safety Training Program, which requires an immersive, simulated, high-risk training environment for the development and demonstration of safety skills and behaviours.
The facility will incorporate: a unique Common Safety Training Centre designed to meet industry requirements for the development of safe behaviour in the increasing number of new entrants to the sector; a best practice Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation approved, offshore survival facility which will increase Australia’s training capacity in this aspect by more than 30 per cent; Australia’s first zero emission fire training facility, which will be a fully contained structure employing harvested water, smoke and particulate scrubbing; and an alternate Crisis Management Centre to provide oil and gas operators with a secure and fully functional incident command centre in the event of a major incident.
Representing a transformation in the oil and gas industry’s approach to safety training, the centre will have the capacity to train in excess of 300 people at a time.
The training centre simulates a high-risk workplace to ensure that the training experience is as realistic as possible and to allow trainees to develop the appropriate safety behaviours.

One Response to New centre to ensure realistic training experiences


    July 31, 2012 at 9:39 am

    I work for ERGT in Victoria at the Longford plant. I love the work ethics of this company and have been supported in all I do. If Perth ever start to cover First Aid Training, I would be delighted to be given the oppertunity to spend time in the new center.
    ERGT are truely professional in the Gas and Oil industry.

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