New resource program to strengthen foreign relations

The University of WA (UWA) and University of Queensland (UQ) have signed a new resource training deal with the Indonesian Government for a program aimed at delivering education, training and capacity-building for Indonesia’s mining, oil and gas and technology sectors.
The move, designed to strengthen ties with Australia’s closet neighbour, was signed by members of Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Training Agency and the International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC).
The IM4DC represents the partnership between UWA, UQ and AusAID to help provide training and education for developing nations. Formed in 2011, some of the main goals of the organisation include improving policies and legislative frameworks, helping build the local capacity in mineral governance, and increasing mining expertise.
Upon signing of a memorandum of understanding, Indonesian delegates toured UWA and spoke with university staff about future developments.
IM4DC director Ian Satchwell said the deal was building on previous services the organisation had provided for the region, including mining law training for 1000 Indonesian inspectors.
“In addition to short courses and other capacity-building, the MoU provides for the Centre to provide advice and assistance to Ministry staff for scholarships, advanced studies and to attend relevant courses at partner universities and other institutions,” Mr Satchwell said.
“The MoU will also broaden and deepen existing collaborations in mining and energy research and education between the two leading universities in that sector — UWA and UQ.”
Part of the deal will also see scholarships awarded to students from developing nations to study mine sciences at UWA and UQ.

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