New rigs ready to tackle harsh Australian conditions

WHEN purchasing an Airdrill rig, customers can be confident that they are consulting with a company that has extensive knowledge and practical experience in the drilling industry.
Airdrill offers comprehensive manufacture, sales, service and technical backup for drilling equipment used in all facets of mining, civil and exploration processes. The company
provides a wide range of services including product sales and supply, manufacture, repair and maintenance, state-of-the-art design and engineering services and technical expertise.
According to Airdrill, the T130XD drilling rig is the perfect choice for shallow oil and gas, coal bed methane drainage and deepwater well applications, due to its heavy pullback capacity. With 130,000 pounds of hoist, the rig requires no sub-structure, making it a powerful standalone package of choice.
The T130XD’s main features include its compact and manoeuvrable design, the use of Schramm’s patented telemast technology and Range III casing capability. It is carrier-mounted and features a hands-free power breakout. In addition, Airdrill assured that the rig was suitable for Australian environmental conditions.
Following the success of the previous Schramm rigs, two leading Australian drilling companies have already purchased the T130XD. The rigs have been delivered with Loadsafe pipe handlers, providing hands-free loading while operating the rig.
According to Airdrill, the Loadsafe pipe handlers provide an unrivalled level of safety when loading drill rods.

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