New savings scheme rewarding efficiency

DESIGNED to increase energy efficiency opportunities, the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (NSW ESS) is rewarding organisations for undertaking projects that
reduce electricity consumption or improve the efficiency of energy use. The NSW ESS establishes legislated annual energy savings targets that must be met by electricity retailers, through the creation and surrender of Energy Savings
Certificates (ESCs). Scheme participants also include parties such as electricity generators that supply direct to customers and customers who buy or sell electricity in NSW.
The tradable ESCs are created by Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) when they carry out Recognised Energy Savings Activities. These certificates represent greenhouse gas savings created by reducing energy consumption, directly linked to the implementation of recognised activities. Each ESC is equal to 1t of carbon dioxide equivalent.
While some observers may interpret the ESS as another form of government subsidy, it is actually community funded, paid by all electricity users, whether commercial or residential. Although electricity retailers have an obligation to purchase ESCs, they do not simply absorb this additional cost: it is passed on to consumers as part of their electricity bill, so in essence all energy users pay for it.
Urban Group Energy uses ESS approved energy efficient technology to allow it to generate ESCs.
Customers that purchase energy efficient equipment can transfer their ESCs to ACPs such as Urban Group Energy, which pays the recipient for the ESCs through the provision of a point of sale discount on the energy efficient equipment; saving money and electricity.

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