New software system for monitoring assets

A dedicated airborne electrical contractor, Aeropower has more than 20 years of experience in supporting key electrical utilities throughout Australia.
“We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ assets are maintained in accordance with the world’s best practice,” the company stated.
“During the last 20 years, our contracts have varied from conducting emergency patrols to replacing an insulator on a live 275 kilovolt line.”
Aeropower has developed a software system that allows asset data to be exported from a client’s database. The software package converts data to a usable format within the helicopter, identifyingthe asset location and defect history. “This information allows an experienced linesman to review assets, identify new defects and assign them to the correct asset. The data can then be reviewed, reported on and imported back into the client’s database within a minimum timeframe,” the company stated. The software can also act as a standalone database to support the client’s asset management system. Operating to ISO: 9001 2008 standards, Aeropower’s commitment to safety is unmatched in the airborne electrical environment.
“We have the systems, procedures and safe work methods that ensure a safe work environment exists for our staff and customers,” the company stated.

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