New system for more extensive investigations

WITH extensive experience in all marine environments (including open oceans, harbours, dams and creeks) and specialising in remote areas, Mapping and Hydrographic Surveys (MHS) has the technological knowledge and equipment to accurately identify seabeds for greenfield port investigations, engineering designs, dredging surveys and under-keel clearance surveys.
As it has become aware of the growing trend for port development and marine infrastructure engineering to require broader and deeper geological investigations, the privately-owned Australian company has developed a new marine seismic tomography system.
Based on the proven offshore oil industry 2D seismic system, MHS’s system, developed in collaboration with a US consultant, is specifically designed to acquire high definition 2D reflection seismic and compressional P-wave velocity data within a target penetration depth of 50m.
During more than 30 years of operation the company has completed work throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea and further afield for many clients including BHP Billiton, ExxonMobil, Oilsearch and Xstrata.

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