New thermal imaging cameras built to be tough

WITH its new range of entry-level i-Series thermal imaging cameras (the i3, i5 and i7), FLIR Systems is continuing to set the standard for the most affordable and lightweight full-function infrared cameras available.
The FLIR i-Series delivers high-quality, commercial-functionality, infrared (IR) technology at a price designed to suit the budgets of a wide range of end-users such as electrical technicians; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning tradespeople; and maintenance and building workers.


“These three cameras now match the look of FLIR’s more expensive models and are available in a smart, all-black casing, with the i5 and i7 models receiving up-rated IR pixel resolution,” the company stated.
With a new exterior, the i-Series cameras now boast a 2m drop (IP43) standard as part of a long list of features. FLIR stated that the IP43 standard meant that the cameras were designed to be “made tough” by the company in order to withstand inevitable on-the-job knocks and scrapes.

“The two metre drop standard is especially good news for those who work in the electrical, building, plumbing and mechanical inspection trades. “These are industries where the tools of trade – including thermal imaging cameras – have to be able to withstand the ups and downs of everyday work life,” FLIR stated.

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