Offering inspection and testing on a whole new level

WORLD class, knowledge-based asset integrity management company Stork Technical Services is dedicated to providing safe, seamless performance to corporations and asset owners in the chemical, oil and gas, mining and power industries. Stork’s motto “we think and do” highlights the company’s value proposition of having highly trained specialists to conduct on-site services as well as the development and implementation of long-term risk management recommendations.
Established in Australia in 1977, the company has been supporting industries for the past 35 years, originally under the name Cooperheat, pioneering onsite heat treatment services in Australia.
In 1999, Cooperheat was acquired by Stork, prompting the name change to Stork-Cooperheat. In 2010 to 2011, Stork-Cooperheat and iicorr, a well-known asset integrity management brand, were consolidated as part of a global alignment strategy of all Stork asset management businesses. This offered clients a true one-stop shop for all asset management services – Stork Technical Services. Stork is in the unique position to offer customers a wide range of services from one organisation. The Stork philosophy combines various technical capabilities, to offer clients a single point of contact for the following services: asset integrity management; non-destructive testing; plant inspection; QA/QC and advanced inspection; heat treatment; and thermal consultancy.

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