Oil find supports potential for further Georgina discoveries

JOINT venture partners Baraka Energy & Resources and PetroFrontier have received encouraging results from well operations in the Southern Georgina Basin of the Northern Territory following the confirmation of oil.
In a media release, operator PetroFrontier stated that a successful hydraulic stimulation was performed on the Owen-3H well during 10 open-hole stages, and that it was “very encouraged” by the low flow injection pressure and high injection rates.
“Log data and core samples have been obtained and appear positive, confirming the existence of oil in the Lower Arthur Creek and Thorntonia Carbonate Formations,” the Canadian company stated.
PetroFrontier is now preparing to conduct an extended flow test of the Owen-3H well before the wet season begins. During nine open-hole stages, successful hydraulic stimulation was also conducted on the MacIntyre-2H well. However, after recovering about one-third of the hydraulic stimulation fluid, PetroFrontier reported that traces of biogenic hydrogen sulfide gas (produced from naturally-occurring organisms in the completion fluid) were detected and the well had to be suspended. It then began to actively source the specialised equipment required to resume flow testing.
Additional treatment of the completion fluid was performed prior to the stimulation of subsequent wells.
Due to a shallow casing failure during the hydraulic stimulation of a third well, Baldwin-2Hst1, PetroFrontier was unable to complete the program and is planning to carry out remedial work to repair the well so it can complete the job.
“As a result of these unforeseen operational delays at MacIntyre-2H and Baldwin-2Hst1, test results on these wells are not likely until 2013, depending on regulatory approvals, weather, and the availability of required equipment and
services,” the company stated.
In an ASX release, Perth-based Baraka stated that the Owen-3H well’s close proximity to the southeastern boundary of EP 127 – in which it holds a 25 per cent undivided working interest – meant the company could “place a lot of weight” on the area’s likelihood to display similar or identical results during future drilling. PetroFrontier was one of the first companies to undertake onshore exploration in the Southern Georgina Basin, and stated that its activities there were of “critical importance”.
The company recently farmed out interests in at least four of its Georgina Basin exploration permits to Statoil Australia Oil and Gas.

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