Outstanding chemical and ultraviolet resistance

FOR the past 35 years, Layfield geomembranes have been used extensively in the US and Canadian oil and gas industries and at many major international oil and gas plays.
Layfield’s Enviro Liner and Hazgard geomembrane technology were designed for use in a wide range of environmental containment applications in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas markets.
The Layfield Enviro Liner 4000 and 6000HD series are pre-fabricated high performance, flexible geomembranes designed for installation in a multitude of containment applications including the storage of brine water, drilling fluids
and process water, and the secondary containment of hydrocarbons.
With the oil and gas industry’s rapidly growing use of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas extraction, the Enviro Liner 4000 geomembrane provides an industry-leading choice for environmental containment and protection.
Enviro Liner 4000 material has excellent durability properties combined with outstanding chemical and UV resistance. It can be factory-fabricated into large one-piece tank liners to provide enhanced quality control and reduced installation times.
The Enviro Liner 6000HD fortified geomembrane technology offers outstanding chemical resistance and UV properties. According to Layfield, it is an excellent geomembrane choice for longer term exposed containment applications of salt and brine fluids.
Aquamate and Layfield have been working closely together in the Australian environmental containment market for many years. Aquamate is a certified fabricator and supplier of all Layfield geomembrane products, stocking Enviro Liner 4000 and 6000HD geomembranes in Australia to ensure short lead times.

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