Pearl of wisdom for emergency management

ASSISTING companies worldwide with preparation and prevention of emergency or crisis events, security, and safety management, LACCAL Consulting provides scenario analysis, formulation and implementation of procedures and tools, and training.
It also provides advice on governance issues for executives and boards. “If you don’t want to get caught flat-footed in an emergency or crisis then the ability to deal with the complexity of a crisis in simple terms is key,” LACCAL Consulting principal Michael McDermott said.
According to Mr McDermott, dealing with natural or industrial disasters, security and regulatory compliance has been made more complex by new technologies and media, regulatory overlay and de-centralised company structures operating in environmentally or socially sensitive areas. “It’s why LACCAL Consulting developed [the] ‘PEARL-BC’ approach to give people the vision to look beyond today,” Mr McDermott said.
“It stands for people, environment, asset, reputation, liability, business continuity and change resilience. “LACCAL Consulting uses the PEARL-BC approach to help clients explore complex scenarios, but its real strength is helping clients act decisively and effectively in the event of a crisis.”

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