Power plant fires up following commissioning of second unit

INTEGRATED gas and electricity company Origin Energy has completed final commissioning of its second unit at the 550 megawatt Mortlake power station.
Costing $810 million, Mortlake is the largest gas-fired power plant in Victoria.
The plant has the flexibility to respond to future market conditions and can be powered up remotely in about five minutes.
According to a statement released by Origin, the company has approval to expand the plant’s current capacity in the future; Mortlake can also be converted to a highly efficient, low emission, combined-cycle base-load plant if required.
Origin chief executive Energy
Markets Frank Calabria said in a statement that the completion of power station strengthened and added further credibility to Origin’s power generation portfolio.
“Mortlake represents a significant investment by Origin in Victoria, created hundreds of regional jobs in southwestern Victoria during construction, and will support a number of ongoing jobs in the local community,” Mr Calabria said.
“Mortlake is a highly efficient peaking power station that will help meet Victoria’s electricity demand.”
With about 4.4 million customers, Origin provides about 13 per cent of Australia’s electricity needs.
The company has a 37.5 per cent interest in Australia Pacific LNG, which is one of Australia’s largest CSG developments in Queensland. Mortlake also has an 83km underground natural gas pipeline that connects it to the Otway gas plant in Port Campbell.
Apart from being involved in LNG, Origin has significant interests in renewable energy technologies.
The company operates a wind farm at Cullerin Range in NSW and its overall wind farm portfolio generates more than 3000MW per year. Origin has various hydroelectric interests, is part of several geothermal joint ventures in Australia and New Zealand, and has investments in solar power.

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