Practical product range increasing workplace effi ciency

DIVERSIFIED global technology company 3M brings its wide range of products for the oil and gas industry together under one roof through the 3M Oil and Gas Group. Its purpose is to make it easier for people to access 3M technologies from the company’s many global divisions, subsidiaries, departments and laboratories, with locally-based sales, technical and manufacturing resources in the world’s major oil producing centres, including Australia. More than 60 years ago, 3M earned its place in an oil and gas application for the first time. Today, nearly 10,000 of the company’s products and materials are used in every corner of the industry – from exploration, production and refining to transportation and marketing. “The 3M Oil and Gas Group can provide proven, practical and ingenious products that can be put to work right now to help
make workplaces safer, more productive and efficient,” the company stated. The 3M team is dedicated to making progress possible by connecting the toughest challenges with the wealth of potential solutions in the company’s extensive technology portfolio. “By working with customers to better understand their needs, we continue to find practical and ingenious ways to help them achieve their business goals,” 3M stated.
The company supplies more than 50,000 products to a broad range of industrial and consumer markets. With $26 billion in worldwide sales, 3M is one of 30 companies that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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  1. Akemi

    May 17, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    glad to know about something like this.

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