Problem-solving skills boost survey company’s efficiency

jetty-construction-bannerPERTH-based company, CADS Survey has successfully solved countless problems on projects within the oil and gas industry to date.

Operations manager Beau Lester said the company has developed unique solutions in many recent projects, including the large scale construction of the Gorgon LNG jetty in the fragile marine environment at Barrow Island.

“The project was the single largest resource natural gas project in Australia’s history and we were involved in the construction of what is the longest jetty in Australia, measuring in at 2.1km,” he said.

“We created one of the fastest seabed data-to-chart hydro services, providing decisions makers of the construction company with charts within 2-3 hours of survey.”

Other achievements across the oil and gas industry include providing an efficient and safe method to determine accuracies within 1mm over 40m by laser scanner, and the development of methods to sink unique caissons on the ocean seabed within accuracies that have not been achieved before.

Mr Lester said the Perth-based company is one of the leading suppliers of marine, pipeline, civil, hydrographic and aerial surveying services in the industry today.

“Our company stands out from its competitors for many reasons, one being the level of experience and attention to detail our surveyors provide our clients,” he said.

“They provide invaluable insights and recommendations to our clients, helping them improve methodologies and successfully complete projects on time and within budget.”

“CADS’ clients value honest and open communication [which] we display across all levels of our organisation, and our management team is available at all times to offer advice and discuss any issues that might arise during the course of a project.”

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