Protecting competitive advantage in oil and gas

fisherIN the highly competitive extractive industries, small gains in productivity and efficiency through new equipment, processes and technologies can make all the difference to profitability. Australia has large CSG reserves which are increasingly being extracted using modern techniques that were not feasible in the past. Recent mining developments have also led to significant investment in underground coal gasification projects in Australia which provides access to otherwise economically unrecoverable coal reserves.

In this context, companies involved in extraction and processing constantly seek to develop new tools to create an advantage. However, if those hard-won innovations are soon exploited by other companies in the sector their value to the inventor is lost. The strength of protection provided by patents and registered designs, created by a patent attorney with a real understanding of the oil and gas sector, is critical to ensuring that an expensive new competitive advantage is not lost.

Innovations do not have to be earth-shattering to be protected. If a new development in an existing tool or process produces a real functional advantage, it may be possible to gain an exclusive right to use, sell and licence this innovation with a patent, innovation patent or registered design. In one recent case in which intellectual property firm Fisher Adams Kelly acted on behalf of RemoveRite Inc, their attorneys were able to show that a moderate improvement to a humble hex-headed screw was sufficient to gain a valid registered design.

Established and based in the resource-rich state of Queensland, Fisher Adams Kelly has been integral to the protection of cutting edge inventions across the oil and gas sector. The firm’s specialist attorneys were professional engineers first, and continue to work at the forefront of oil and gas innovation, working on patent applications for technologies including borehole analysis, sealing apparatus, pipeline maintenance, and complex undersea extractive systems.

Fisher Adams Kelly has worked with both local Australian innovators and global corporations. The team of patent attorneys deals with engineers every day, and uses their experience with the sector to provide straightforward, frank and timely advice.

Whether new inventions are developed in relation to increasing worksite efficiency, improving safety, refining extraction, or reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Fisher Adams Kelly knows the business realities and provides an intellectual property protection solution that makes the most of each innovation.

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