Providing rare expertise when and where it’s needed

MARINE expertise is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity in today’s market, yet it is essential when planning or managing a major project venture involving marine structures, operations or vessels.
London Offshore Consultants (LOC) has offered such expertise in Perth since 1988.
The company boasts a worldwide network of offices in 20 major energy and shipping industry regions across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East.
Its network offers locally-based support to its global client base.
LOC established its reputation as an independent marine consultants and marine warranty surveyors for offshore development projects. Now, this same quality engineering consultancy and survey expertise is provided to a far broader range of clients, projects and marine matters including: onshore LNG and chemical plants; port civil construction; mining projects; floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) conversions; offshore decommissioning; rig moving; renewable energy projects,; naval architecture; shipping claims; salvage and
wreck removal; and expert witness services, to name just a few.
LOC’s success lies in its core values of independence and quality and in the technical capabilities of its international workforce comprised of 300 experienced and professionally qualified master mariners, naval architects, marine and subsea engineers, and civil, structural and mechanical engineers.

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