Proving pipeline service capability on big projects

CONTRACTED by Chevron Australia as the main pipeline pre-commissioning contractor for the Gorgon project on Barrow Island, offshore WA, Baker Hughes Process and Pipeline Services (Baker Hughes PPS – formerly known as BJ Process and Pipeline Services) will perform various pre-commissioning operations throughout construction of the project.
These will include the flooding, cleaning, gauging and testing (FCGT) of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pipe strings, both pre-insertion and post-insertion into the HDD casing; gauging post-insertion HDD pipe strings using the newly developed Baker Hughes Smart Gauge tool, which allows for remote interrogation to determine any issues with the pipeline
prior to testing operations; FCGT of onshore pipelines from the landfall to the LNG terminal; and FCGT of offshore pipelines from the landfall to the Gorgon and Jansz gas fields.
In order to comply with the strict quarantine regulations for staff and equipment movements to and from Barrow Island, a Class A Nature Reserve, Baker Hughes PPS will build a permanent quarantine facility at its premises in Welshpool, WA, to improve on the current temporary quarantine storage and preparation area.
Baker Hughes PPS will also provide leak testing and dewatering operations of the infield pipelines at both the 220m Gorgon field water depth and 1330m Jansz field water depth, as well as undertaking pipe freezing activities to allow the tie in of the onshore pipelines to the offshore section.

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