Quest Integrity Group

quest1Asset integrity and reliability management solutions built on foundation of innovative leading edge science and technology

Quest Integrity Group is a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity and reliability management solutions for companies in the refining, chemical, pipeline, syngas and power industries.

Quest Integrity Group is focused on empowering its clients’ operating and maintenance decisions. Their services consist of technology-enabled advanced inspection and engineering assessment, and products that reduce operational and safety risk, improve operational planning and increase profitability.

Quest Integrity Group provides turnkey pipeline integrity management services, including highly accurate inspection and advanced assessment solutions for unpiggable and difficult to inspect pipelines, as well as project management and in-line inspection support. The company’s pipeline integrity management service encompasses field services, engineering services, and materials and equipment supply.

Test-Loop-2504Quest Integrity Group has successfully performed numerous unpiggable pipeline inspections on a global scale, for onshore and offshore pipeline infrastructure. Their proprietary ultrasonic in-line inspection technology, InVistaTM, currently accommodates 3 inch to 24 inch (DN75- DN600) pipeline diameters; it is bi-directional and provides 100 per cent overlapping coverage of geometry and metal loss features in a single pass. InVista’s operational simplicity and navigation capabilities are unmatched in the pipeline industry. Quest Integrity Group’s experienced data analysts and assessment engineers review and analyse data collected by InVista using its LifeQuestTM Pipeline software and provide a Level 2 API 579 Fitness-for-Service assessment as part of the standard deliverable. This allows pipeline operators to better understand, prioritise, schedule and extend maintenance intervals based upon confidence in the data quality.

Other services include proprietary inspection technologies such as HYDRA™ for process piping, FTIS™ for refinery furnace heaters, and LOTIS® and MANTIS™ for steam reformer tubes. Additionally, RDVI™ enables remote digital visual inspection of nearly every plant system and component.

pipe_b_9k2_lowresThese technologies are complemented by services such as remaining life and fitness-for-service assessment, and proprietary LifeQuest™, FEACrack™ and Signal™ Fitness-For-Service software. In addition, an unparalleled team of engineering talent provides failure assessment and root cause analysis, as well as materials engineering and lab support.

Quest Integrity Group is built on a foundation of leading edge science and technology that has innovated and shaped industries for more than 40 years. Its professional team is comprised of experienced non-destructive testing (NDT) specialists, reliability engineers, structural integrity and materials specialists, and NDT tools and software development engineers, all backed by a team of talented and dedicated client support staff. The company’s headquarters are in Seattle, and it has offices in Houston, Denver, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and The Netherlands.

Quest Integrity Group welcomes enquiries from prospective clients, and further information about its services is available at