Recycling agreement to oil Pilbara communities

Mining services company ESS Support Services Worldwide will supply Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (AAC) with 100 per cent of its used cooking oil for conversion into biodiesel in WA’s Pilbara region, as part of a new agreement between the two companies.
The initiative will see 200,000 litres of used cooking oil recycled into fuel in the region each year.
AshOil, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of AAC, will recycle the oil in its biodiesel plant in Tom Price, northern WA.
ESS has worked with AshOil since early 2010, but the company has now granted exclusive access to its used oil. AAC chief executive Janet Brown said the new partnership would offer environmental and financial benefits.
“The mining companies operating in the Pilbara region go through one billion litres of mineral diesel every year, a cost that is now impacted by the carbon tax,” she said.
“The biodiesel produced by AshOil can help mining companies reduce their costs and the environmental impacts of their operations.”
AshOil currently collects used cooking oil from Port Hedland, Newman, Karratha, Roebourne and satellite mine camps including Area C, Hope Downs and West Angeles.
Each week it produces about 10,000l of biodiesel, with between 5000l and 7000l guaranteed for purchase through a supply agreement with Rio Tinto for its drill and blast operations in Tom Price.
Mrs Brown said AAC was focussed on the local community and such agreements would see more biodiesel produced each week.
“By ESS giving AshOil guaranteed access to its used cooking oil, the organisation can pursue additional business opportunities in the region and build on its program of economic engagement for the local indigenous community,” she said.

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