Revolutionary design keeping water fresh for longer

aquapax-singleAQUAPAX Australia has been providing oil and gas industries nationwide with easy, accessible micro filtered drinking water. The company’s innovative and cost-effective method of supplying bulk, micro-filtered drinking water makes Aquapax a sought-after commodity within the industry. Currently several major oil and gas companies are using Aquapax units.

The 1000 litre, bulk drinking water transportable unit was developed by the company’s sole director Martin Anton. It was developed following years of collaborative laboratory testing, research and development. It comprises a uniquely designed inner-liner, triple layer barrier bag, housed by an outer cardboard box. The liner ensures the quality natural spring water is given maximum protection from all other potential external environmental contaminants; ensuring water won’t prematurely spoil or taint. This world-first bag is different to other bags on the market as, until now, none have been completely successful in preserving the life and taste of water for long periods of time.

The product provides a one way bulk drinking water pack that can be pallet mounted for ease of transport on commercial trucks, rail freight, containers and even small private utility vehicles and is fully recyclable once emptied.

The Aquapax unit is ideal for the oil and gas sites in regional and remote communities where access to safe, quality drinking water is limited or non-existent. The units have a lifespan of two years, and construction of the unit makes it tamper evident to ensure peace of mind.

The Aquapax 1000 litre unit was the inaugural winner of the Tropical Innovation People’s Choice Award in 2010.

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