ROVs specifically designed for offshore drilling

A privately owned and operated WA company, Total Marine Technology was formed in 1999 to provide work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) designed specifically for the offshore drilling and production industries.
“Our organisation is the only company that manufactures and operates ROVs in Australia and New Zealand,” Total Marine Technology stated.
“Our philosophy is simple; the people that manufacture the ROVs also operate them, so not only are our crews highly trained in operating the vehicles, they also understand how the systems work,” Total Marine Technology stated.
The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and repair facility supports its operations with spare parts and back up units. Total Marine Technology’s new Typhoon work-class ROV was designed and manufactured in-house. Specifically built for use by the drilling and construction industry, it has provento be highly reliable and cost efficient.
“We are leading the industry with our technology in ROV intervention and subsea tooling. With our extensive research and development program, we will continue to develop our systems,” Total Marine Technology stated.
With its proven track record and experience with Nomad and Typhoon ROVs in the drilling industry, the company is able to provide first-class service.

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