Safe and efficient products for the price of kitty litter

UNVEILING a new range of economic general-purpose spill kits for the budget-conscious customer, Ecospill’s Econo spill kits are suitable for all general purpose spills including fuel, oil and non-aggressive
liquid spills.
“We already had an extensive range of hydrocarbon, general-purpose and chemical spill kits,” Ecospill national sales manager Glen Robinson said. “However, our customers have been asking for products that provided a more environmentally efficient solution at a mid-level price – to the likes of sawdust or kitty litter, which aren’t environmentally compliant,” Mr Robinson said.   One feature of the Econo spill kits is a newly developed absorbent named EconoSorb: a mid-range, fast-acting, absorbent particulate that offers excellent absorbency without a premium price tag. EconoSorb is a safe and natural product suitable for all fuel, oil, vegetable and non-aggressive liquid spills.
Every Ecospill Econo spill kit contains the essential products for spill response, including EconoSorb, absorbent mats/pads, land socks, anti-static disposal bags with ties, acid-resistant gloves and full spill cleanup instructions. Econo Spill Kits come in three sizes: 80l, 120l and 240l. Ecospill is a wholly-owned and operated Australian company with branches in Brisbane, Queensland, and Perth, WA.

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