Safe and secure transport solutions

GIVEN the growing trend towards environmental awareness in Australia, The Cronos Group understands that it is critical to transport products securely and without fear of contamination.
Cronos has been involved in the Australian domestic market since the early 1990s. It specialises in providing high quality containers suited to securely carrying bulk products to and from mining operations by rail or road, and can efficiently and cost-effectively supply container equipment catering for individual products, in varying loading environments.
Cronos has been working closely with the mining industry, as containerised equipment has become an essential facet of the mine site to wharf/customer logistics stream.
The company recently supplied more than 3000 iron ore containers to an IMX Resources project in South Australia and is currently working with a number of mines that have similar requirements: transporting bulk products from the mine site to port.
Cronos offers a variety of intermodal equipment catering to most transport modes and can design equipment for non-standard requirements.
Financial terms are also available, ranging from standard lease to financial lease and direct sale options.
With its team of more than 90 industry professionals and a network of 21 offices across 19 countries, Cronos offers one of the world’s largest and most diversified container fleets, together with the industry’s most advanced IT and operations platform.

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