Safeguarding intellectual property and company resources

INFRINGING intellectual property (IP) is embarrassing, expensive and can be largely avoided by exercising a freedom-to-operate analysis.
Mining and oil and gas companies are increasingly conscious of protecting valuable IP: According to IP Specialist Wrays, there has been a shift in the attitudes of resources companies from treating IP as an unnecessary precaution and a financial drain to a valuable company resource that must be safeguarded.
Wrays assists companies in shielding their technology and developing proactive IP strategies for competitive edge.
Even if a company’s IP strategy does not include filing patents, seeking advice to avoid infringing third party patents when implementing new technology is standard risk mitigation.
Wrays’ experts provide freedom-to-operate opinions and identify existing and pending patents that could interfere in the commercialisation of a technology, upon which that technology might infringe. Wrays experts can also conduct due diligence to reduce risk when acquiring or licensing new technology.
“We filed patents to protect [a] prominent Australian oil and gas company’s technology for a method of producing natural gas hydrate.
This technology was at the time critical to its definition of itself as a gas company,” Wrays partner Brendan Peachey said.
Recognising the long-term value of, and investing in, a company’s intangible IP assets is only part of an overall IP strategy. Businesses examine competitors’ tangible assets, such as plant, property and equipment; however, those companies should also consider intangible assets such as IP. As well as avoiding any legal implications from infringing on existing IP, analysis can also provide companies with opportunities to enhance the value of their own technology and research.
Wrays is a multidisciplinary national IP practice encompassing patent attorney services; IP law; commercialisation and strategy; and brand, research and culture services. This diversity of knowledge is what differentiates Wrays from other firms. Given the specialist technology requirements of the oil and gas sector, such legal and technical expertise and skills means a higher calibre of advice and service to build and protect IP rights in Australia and abroad.

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