Safety underpins industry services and solutions

WITH a focus on improving safety processes, Emerson Process Management delivers products, services and solutions to clients throughout the international oil and gas
Emerson Process Management is one of the world’s leading suppliers of measurement products, control systems, control valves and regulators.
It also provides performance solutions and services, Fisher educational services for engineering solutions, and service and support for all products.
Emerson Process Management’s client Harcros Chemicals recently prevented three hazardous product release incidents, avoiding $75,000 in downtime, clean up, rework and disposal costs.
Harcros uses manual valves for sampling, directing, injection and extraction processes at a chemical production facility where many of the valves are in hard to reach places. As a result of Emerson Process Management’s solutions, the need for visual inspections of the incidents was reduced and valve performance problems were identified before affecting the process.
Workers at the facility were required to travel into hazardous areas, climb ladders and visually check the condition of the valves.
The Fisher 4320 WirelessHART communication device installed by Emerson Process Management monitors valve movement and provides updates about the valve’s position.
Staff are now able to wirelessly monitor to identify issues and prevent leaks before they occur and result in fines.
Harcros unit manager Kevin Root said Emerson Process Management helped the company improve its safety measures.
“This project was about eliminating mistakes and increasing safety. Wireless valve monitoring with the Fisher 4320 device enabled us to reduce inadvertent emissions and bad batches, as well as avoid the high cost of rework, clean up, and lost material,” he said.
“Eliminating these costs – which average about $25,000 per incident, not including fines – is a good thing for our plant.” Emerson Process Management has unsurpassed expertise and capabilities in every aspect of automation and information systems for the production, transmission and processing of oil and gas products.

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