Sirius gets serious with rigs

FOUR new CSG rigs featuring the latest in related technology are expected to be delivered next year in Queensland following the signing of a $135 million  drilling agreement by Arrow Energy.
According to Arrow, the new rigs will improve the efficiency and consistency of directional drilling using technology that allows the machines to be remotely controlled.
The rigs will be supplied by Australian-based Sirius Well Manufacturing Services (SWMS): a new joint venture company created by Arrow’s parent company Royal Dutch Shell and  China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).
“SWMS will strengthen Arrow’s drilling and production future, and deliver widespread efficiencies for the life of Arrow’s project,” Arrow chief executive Andrew Faulkner said.
SWMS chief executive Hu Xin Feng said the company’s technology would improve the performance of CSG rigs. “SWMS harnesses CNPC’s cost-efficient drilling and service expertise with Shell’s proprietary drilling technology,” he said.
Each rig features a specialised portable truck-mounted system with optimised drilling functions, and data observation is undertaken by real-time monitoring and control centres within Arrow’s offices.
“Sirius will allow Arrow to drill faster, more consistent, multiple wells on a smaller footprint while being operated remotely to unlock substantial gas resources in a more cost-efficient way,”
Mr Hu said.
“While we will maintain a highly-skilled presence on site, the Sirius rigs will incorporate all the technical components to allow for remote sensing and control of the rigs.”

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