Site selection a step forward for flagship geothermal venture

AUSTRALIAN-based geothermal power company Greenearth Energy has announced the site for its new Geelong Geothermal Power Project (GGPP).
The company announced in early May that the proposed stage one exploration phase of the project and its stage two 12 megawatt demonstration plant will be set on the existing Holcim (Australia) Moriac
quarry site.
In a statement released to shareholders, Greenearth managing director Mark Miller said the site would address many of the topics raised during the site selection
process. “Being located in an industrial extractive industry zone, in an existing quarry, close to established infrastructure attempts to ensure that any environmental and amenity impact of a geothermal operation would be
significantly minimised,” Mr Miller stated.
Stage one of the project involves the drilling of a 4000m well to conduct testing of temperature, geothermal fluid flow rates and formation permeability. Greenearth has already secured a $5 million grant from the Victorian Government to start drilling, as part the Federal Government’s Emerging Renewables Program.
If anticipated results are achieved, Greenearth has reported that it will proceed immediately with drilling of a second well to demonstrate proof of concept and, if successful, this will lead to stage two development.
Upon commencement of stage two, Greenearth will receive a further $20 million in funding under the Government’s Energy Technology Innovation Strategy, for drilling and power plant demonstration. Stage two will involve the drilling of a further two
geothermal wells (one production and one injection) from the same pad. The wells will determine the potential of the plant and whether it can be replicated across the project as a method of cost-effectively developing the full target reservoir to its 140MW potential. The GGPP is designed to deliver substantial emissions-free continuous base load electricity, with signifi cant displacement potential. The plant will be the first of its kind in Victoria and will aim to deliver renewable energy into the main energy grid.

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