Site transfers with luxurious corporate aircraft

SPECIALISING in business travel to outback Australia, Kirkhope Aviation has now expanded to include corporate and government work.
To support this growth, its aircraft fleet has grown to four twin-engine aircrafts: two Piper Chieftains, a Piper Navajo and a twin-turbine pressurised super KingAir. The new KingAir was flown out from Florida in the US to Melbourne in April 2011, in a journey that took the aircraft and crew through Greenland, Iceland, Europe, India and Australia.
It is a truly corporate aircraft in both comfort and speed.
Kirkhope Aviation’s pilots are fully qualified and have many years of flying experience, including emergency medical transport with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
The company is focussed on providing fly in, fly out services, making mine site transfers hassle free.
Kirkhope Aviation is committed to reliable, safe and comfortable travel.
With the ability to accommodate up to 10 passengers in the KingAir aircraft, corporate business chartering and flying to remote mine sites throughout Australia (ex Melbourne), has never been easier.

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