Solutions to increase power availability and systems uptime

BUDGETING for electricity, securing adequate power supplies and finding ways to reduce energy consumption are all common challenges among oil and gas and mining organisations. A global specialist in energy management and power supply, Schneider Electric has announced the creation of its Secure Power Systems as a way to help industrial and infrastructure businesses by providing fast and efficient total system support for large facilities and mining plants. According to the company, the solutions increased power availability and systems uptime for mission-critical applications. Schneider Electric has a long history as the market leader of secure power services to the information technology sector, and is expanding its products and services for industries and facilities beyond data centres. In particular, organisations in the mining,
water, transportation, energy, and oil and gas sectors rely heavily on uninterrupted power for mission-critical processes such as security systems and automated manufacturing. Ensuring that the power production for organisations operating in these environments is reliable, green, safe and secure is the core focus of Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Systems. According to the company, planning and deploying a robust power protection system was vital as power sags, surges and outages were unavoidable, and capable of causing significant safety hazards, damaging valuable equipment and bringing productivity to a halt.
Schneider Electric’s protection solutions apply technologies from APC and GUTOR brands to provide secure power components for a range of industrial applications. These include continuous manufacturing process and control, monitoring and control automation, instrumentation and metering, and security and emergency lighting systems.
The GUTOR solutions address secure power needs for each level of the mining and oil and gas value chain, including upstream (exploration and production platforms), midstream (pipelines) and downstream (refineries and petrochemical plants) sectors. In addition, the solutions can be customised to meet any requirements and the needs of the harshest mining and oil and gas environments.
Schneider Electric believed that the abundance of power-hungry, mission-critical processes in industrial applications made secure, reliable power more important than ever. It stated that by applying its heritage of innovation and quality secure power solutions, organisations would achieve increased power reliability and energy efficiency in order to deliver high-performance processes.

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