Specialists in the transport of dangerous goods

FORMERLY known as DGM Australia, EnLog Pacific Holdings began operations in 1990.
Initially concentrating on servicing the dangerous goods needs of the oil and gas sector, demands from other areas of industry, including government and aviation, soon facilitated the company’s expansion to meet the growing requirements within these sectors for a dedicated, specialist dangerous goods services provider.
In 2009, the company’s parent company underwent a dynamic change with the introduction its road freight division, Regulated Freight Lines (RFL).
RFL specialises in road haulage of all classes of material, including explosives and radioactive materials.
Further company changes led to the creation of Regulated Goods Management (RGM), a business segment with an overall responsibility for the logistics and freight management of hazardous materials, across all methods of transport.
EnLog’s inception around Australia brought about a paradigm change in the options available to shippers and supply chain departments from all industries needing to safely and conveniently transport dangerous goods.
The confluence of this unique blend of abilities enables EnLog to provide its clients with the option to outsource all aspects of hazardous materials logistics.

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