Keeping busy at home will chase away those winter blues, writes Courtney Pearson.


Old-school cool

Arcade games never seem to get old, even when their original audience does: there’s something oddly satisfying about beating a previous high score.

Love Hulten has created a limited edition range of handmade, full-sized arcade cabinets to bring back childhood in a super stylish way.

The made-to-order Pixelkabinett42 is decorated with vintage controls, a light-up planetarium and engraved Saturn speaker grill.

The standard version comes with an original jamma board of the customer’s choice, but can be customised to run a modern computer that can emulate arcade games.

Pixelkabinett42 buyers can also add-on a vertical screen, joystick switch, subwoofer and a personalised colour finish. The arcade machine will set buyers back about $5200.

There is also the portable R-Kaid-R gaming system, which comes in a custom-made wooden case for about $3500.

Visit www.lovehulten.com for more information.

0113112700v1_hi - 3 Color Sunburst American Standard Strat

Pull the strings

Instead of buying a beginner’s guitar with questionable quality, start out with the best that money can buy.

Fender guitars are arguably the most versatile, able to create sounds for a wide range of genres from heavy metal to folk, and not to mention stunning from first glance.

Stratocaster-players Eric Clapton and Richie Blackmore are fierce Fender loyalists, and the Fender Strat is one of the most recognisable guitars on the planet. Telecasters are also widely loved by the likes of Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen.

Fender’s range of Stratocasters and Telecasters start at about $1000 and can be found at most musical instrument stores. Visit www.fender.com.au for more information.


Home run

It’s easy to drop the fit ball in winter when even the most motivated exercisers are tempted to stay inside under a blanket instead of going for a run.

Avoid this problem by keeping the regime indoors, with a fancy home gym.

For any regular gym-goer it’s simple to build a personalised gym after trying the different types of machines and equipment.

The Vision Fitness treadmill series will make runners feel like they’re in the great outdoors, utilising its Virtual Active system to visually transport users to the Rocky Mountains or northern Italy. The Passport player add-on allows users to connect the Virtual Active to their television for a more immersive feel.

The treadmills are built on heavy duty frames, with some able to fold away for easy storage.

Visit au.visionfitness.com for more information about local dealers.