Tailored solutions supporting clients’ commercial interests

ACCORDING to risk management and business continuity consultancy OAM Group, its involvement on many projects focusses on the development and implementation of practical solutions that are tailored to the unique nature of each operating environment and operator’s
OAM’s consulting teams have a variety of flexible operation methods, and extensive experience in delivering risk management systems and on-the-ground implementation of business continuity programs in remote locations and high threat environments. The company’s methods reduce operational risk, develop internal security capabilities, and support a client’s commercial interests. OAM’s commercial services business units are trusted to provide clients with business intelligence and realistic solutions that support the realisation of the clients’ business opportunities.
“We partner with clients to find and analyse the vital information that is needed to overcome the challenges of modern day business effectively, and with certainty,” the company stated.
OAM also provides training services to industries including oil and gas, mining, shipping, aviation, defence, security, and law enforcement.
“The planned delivery of timely, well designed and cost-effective training can often be the difference between project success or failure. More importantly, the right training is often the key to avoiding catastrophic human and physical asset
loss,” the company stated.

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