Technology provider streamlines processes for oil giant

SYSTEMS integrator and technology provider CSC was recently engaged to use its skills to optimise the processes of one of the world’s largest oil companies.
CSC helped to reduce extra expenses and waste by integrating numerous systems and processes.
“The client wanted to optimise and forecast production for the next 25 to 100 years as well as analyse production based on sales targets, profitability, and long-term capital requirements. Data accuracy was variable and there was no dynamic reporting,” CSC Oil and Gas Centre of Excellence director AMR Wakeb said.
Mr Wakeb added that real time forecasting was impossible.“Process enhancements had been attempted. However, the different languages of business and IT had sabotaged success. We have the advantage of extensive experience in both camps,” he said.
“We spent 2.5 years evaluating different products and solutions to meet the client’s needs. Now this extensive research is complete, we are able to offer this solution
to other clients, straight off the shelf.” CSC recommended that the oil company use single master data maintenance to reduce ongoing costs. The solution was a single platform with nine fully integrated modules: well promotion, volume tracking, high confidence tracking, sand promotion, performance tracking, production tracking, change record and tank tracking with reports on strategic decisions.
The comprehensive reserves management system (CRMS) replaced the commercial product for developed reserves management. CRMS has a high level of usability, improved performance and integration across systems, reducing the risk of misalignment between the annual reserves booking process and developed reserves tool.

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