The energy management consultants with a difference

denisCONSULTANCY Denis Cooke and Associates is one of the most experienced firms in Australia when it comes to providing energy management services to the oil and gas industry.

The company has worked with major Australian oil and gas companies and has a broad range of experience across all levels of management and business operations. Denis Cooke and Associates has made presentations across all levels of organisations, tailoring to suit different projects including energy audits, business development, engineering projects and the implementation of energy programs.

Energy audits are particularly popular among the industry, providing data assessment and reporting spreadsheets for activities including production, materials handling and processes.

Chief executive Denis Cooke said one of the many benefits of using his services is that companies will work one-on-one with the managing director at all times, ensuring they receive knowledge, skills and a cooperative approach.

“There are no intermediaries and the advice [given] is highly professional and tailored to suit the specific needs of the business,” she said.

“The outsourcing of specialist requirements, such as reporting or assessment under government mandated activities such as energy efficiency opportunities, national greenhouse and energy reporting or the integration of similar schemes, frees up internal staff for more essential business activities.”

“Using an expert consultant can assist your business right from the start, providing business with valuable expertise which often provides a cost-effective way of completing statutory requirements,” Mr Cooke said.

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