The high point of Unconventional Gas Week

NOW in its 10th year, the CSG Summit will showcase the most up-to-date technologies, trends and products related to the CSG sector. To be hosted by IIR Conferences in partnership with Clarke Energy, this year’s event will be held at the Sofi tel Brisbane Hotel in Queensland on April 17 and 18, in conjunction with the third annual Shale Gas Symposium. The two events have been placed under the one banner of Unconventional Gas Week, which the organisers believed made sense given that CSG and shale gas were both unconventional gas sources and most exhibitors serviced both industries. CSG Summit 2012 will cover a range of industry-related topics including the outlook for CSG in Australia, case studies from leading energy companies, updates from producers, recent project developments, technological advances in drilling, pipeline perspectives and proposed CSG/LNG facilities.
IIR Conferences CSG Summit 2012 conference producer Loic Beuzit said that a broad mixture of service providers, ranging from pipe manufacturers to builders of LNG plants, were the biggest constituents that attended the event.
“About 15 or more juniors tend to come along and hear about other similar companies’ projects, and the big guys – the Santoses and Origins of this world – attend in numbers as well,” Mr Beuzit said. Other attendees have included government and policy executives, lawyers, finance and business development managers, and consultants.
Based on previous years, Mr Beuzit said that between 100 and 150 delegates were expected to attend the summit. “On top of that we have the speakers, press and exhibitors, so you’re looking at over 200 people.
“We like to keep this event niche and relevant to the people who are at the conference…It’s very much where business gets done so it’s the senior executives who are there to network,” Mr Beuzit said. He said that last year’s event attracted companies from Mozambique and Indonesia, and LNG buyers from the Pacific Rim including Japanese, Chinese and Korean delegations.
“There’s also a fairly big interest from Europe and the Americas as well, specifi cally for the shale aspect,” Mr Beuzit said. The 2011 event also attracted some undesired attention in the form of anti-CSG demonstrators.“Our marketing team did quite a good job so that not only the industry knew about it, but also the environmentalists and demonstrators. We were aware that there were going to be some issues there, and the police came in and made sure that it didn’t disrupt proceedings,” Mr Beuzit said.
He said that the event organisers had put plans in place to prevent any disruptions this year.
“We understand that people have a right to voice their opposition but, similarly, we have a right and the industry has a right to discuss topics as well without being disturbed. “We like to remind everybody that we’re not a ‘pro-gas’ company. We’re an independent media company that puts on events for all
opinions to be discussed,” Mr Beuzit said. He added, however, that the summit organisers were trying to secure an expert with a background in hydrology to shine light on some of the contentious issues related to the CSG sector. “The thing we want to avoid is extremists who may come in and disrupt things without scientific backing…We wanted to remain scientific-based and not have someone who’s going to rant about things that they don’t have the basis for,” Mr Beuzit said.

In the program brochure’s foreword, Clarke Energy managing director Greg Columbus said the summit would tackle some of thechallenges facing the CSG sector and aimed to work towards finding solutions. “The growth and expansion in this sector has never been healthier and this is demonstrated by the ever-increasing number of projects approaching critical stages both domestically and overseas.
“Notwithstanding the ongoing market consolidation which continues to reshape the sector, the issues facing the monetisation of this industry are common to all players alike,” Mr Columbus said.
The conference will focus on pressing concerns such as effective CSG water management, the relationship to LNG, and improvements in technology and applications for CSG drilling. There will be updates on national, state and local government policy decisions that have an impact on the Australian CSG market.
Along with the prevalent issues of safety and skilling, Mr Beuzit said that the summit would also feature legal experts discussing indigenous cultural heritage compliance for project approvals.
In addition, two full-day masterclasses will be held at the same venue on Monday, April 16 – the day prior to the conference. ‘Masterclass A: Stakeholder Management’ will be hosted by Western Australian School of Mines Mapping for Sustainable Futures doctoral research project student Jennifer Joi Field and Models of Success and Sustainability founder and chief executive Anne-Maree Huxley. The class will discuss tools and methodologies for stakeholder engagement and for creating sustainable futures, including utilising the world-class MapYou system.
‘Masterclass B: Effective CSG Water Management’ will be hosted by Fluor Australia environment and sustainability manager of the Gladstone LNG project Ralph Gunness. In this class, participants with a basic knowledge of CSG fundamentals will gain an understanding of CSG water management. Topics for discussion will include water terms and defi nitions, soil terminology and processes, CSG water treatment and osmosis, and the beneficial uses of CSG water.

CSG Summit 2012 is an opportunity to do business with industry peers, suppliers and government colleagues in a relaxed setting. From 4:45pm on Tuesday, April 17, Clarke Energy will host networking drinks in the exhibition hall of the Sofi tel Brisbane Hotel. The informal function is designed to promote the conference themes and develop relationships with key decision makers. “That’s always very well attended, and is a good way for everybody to catch up at the end of the first day and talk about what’s been discussed,” Mr Beuzit said.
The networking drinks will be followed by the Unconventional Gas Week official gala dinner from 7:00pm at Customs House. This a la carte dinner and drinks reception offers an elegant setting in which to mingle with colleagues and clients.
Unconventional Gas Week will also incorporate a combined exhibition featuring a wide range of companies presenting the latest technologies and innovations relating to products and services within the CSG and shale gas industries.


By Danica Newnham

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