Unparalleled safety expertise key to ongoing success

SPECIALIST engineering consultancy Vanguard Solutions was established in Perth in 2000 and has since grown to be an internationally recognised business with offices in the United Arab Emirates and
According to the company, its success is a result of its unparalleled ‘real-life’ expertise in safety and risk engineering and risk management services – including safety case development, reliability engineering and environmental risk management for industries including oil and gas, mining, defence, and public transport infrastructure. Vanguard stated that even an organisation that was confident in its ability to manage risk could be surprised by unplanned events, which highlighted the complexities of many working environments.
“A topical mantra is that the management of risk is not just about collecting statistics, and to be successful there must be more than lagging indicators. An organisation must know where it is going and not just where it has been,” the company stated. “Success lies in understanding an
organisation’s objectives and what may affect them, including its key drivers and associated risks.”
Vanguard is one of the largest independent safety and risk management consultancies in the Asia Pacific region and is ideally placed to cater for the booming Australian oil and gas and mining markets.

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