Utilising the latest technology in oil spill response

A specialised marine oil spill response (OSR) services company, Opeam utilises the latest technology and models to allow government bodies, ports and the oil and gas industry to effortlessly comply with Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 requirements, and to be ready for a first strike response. The company offers a complete range of marine OSR services including the rental of OSR equipment, OSR vessels, equipment maintenance, training and preparedness assessment and site audits.
Opeam’s Ecoceane range of OSR vessels were introduced to the Australasian market in 2009.
“These vessels utilise the latest patented technology developed in France and have been successfully used in spills around the world in places such as Amsterdam and the Gulf of Mexico,” the company stated.  Smaller Cataglop vessels are used for port and inshore spills while the larger Workglops and Spillglops are used for open  water spills.
“A unique aspect of the larger vessels is that they are used as workboats when not required for spill work,” Opeam stated.

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