VSAT Services


Reliable global communications for remote sites

FOCUSING on critical operations in the energy, mining and maritime markets, ITC Global has helped companies in the oil and gas industry with communications for reliable global coverage. The company is one of the largest privately owned satellite communications providers focussed on companies in remote locations. ITC Global has improved real-time decision making and enhanced health, safety and environmental management through a unified communications solution tailored to clients’ requirements. This is done through the implementation of custom network design, hardware, field engineering, technical support and enterprise-grade satellite bandwidth.

The business was founded on the concept that it is an extension of a client’s organisation – which is why it stands out from competitors. Sales manager David Atkinson said operations in remote and harsh locations depended on highly reliable communications to run their business and keep employees safe.

“Our mission is to be the best at what we do, being agile enough to respond to changing client needs, combined with the scale and professionalism to support large complex global networks,” he said.

Mr Atkinson said as the company is privately owned it is able to concentrate solely on its customer’s needs.

“Customers can sometimes feel as though they are just another contract, but at ITC Global, they’re our number one priority,” he said.

The company uses field proven technologies to deploy satellite networks in the Ku, C and KA frequency bands, offering global coverage with the exception of the Polar Regions. This allows companies to improve real-time decision making, increase employee morale and retention and enhance the management of health, safety and environment programs.

“Apart from a good understanding of satellite communications systems, we offer clients a lot of expertise in configuring their remote networks,” Mr Atkinson said.

“A poorly configured satellite system can be very frustrating for users, so we work to minimise the issues which arise when working from remote sites.”

“We provide services in places where others fear to tread, with local “boots on the ground” in 38 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia.”

ITC Global has worked on many major projects within the oil and gas industry, especially in the North West of Australia, where the company has provided the primary communications service in places without terrestrial services. It has also been instrumental in providing backup and disaster recovery networks where there have only been fibre primary services

In 2013 ITC Global was awarded a WA Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance award for its satellite communications project with one of the world’s largest resource companies. The company has offices in 14 different countries and field technicians in 38; has completed projects in more than 60 countries, more than 30 satellites, and more than 1400 active sites on oil rigs, mines and ships.

For more information on how ITC Global can improve communications in your business, visit: www.itcglobal.com