WA power plant upgrade steps on the gas

THE latest in gas technology is now on display at Verve Energy’s Kwinana power station in WA.
Two new 100 megawatt open-cycle high-efficiency gas turbines (HEGTs) have replaced the previous plant and are the first to become operational in Australia, adding 200MW of gas-fired energy generation to the WA power system.
The turbines were supplied by General Electric and installed and commissioned by UGL.
The HEGTs have an efficiency rating of up to 43 per cent at full load, compared to the 29 per cent rating of the 35-year-old generating units they replaced, and are capable of reaching full load in about 12
minutes in addition to operating under stop-start conditions.
WA Energy, Training, Workforce Development and Indigenous Affairs minister Peter Collier opened the $263 million State Government-funded project at Kwinana power station and said that the new technology added to Verve’s portfolio.
“They replace older generators at Kwinana power station, reinforce the security of power supplies in WA as demand continues to grow, and will assist Verve Energy’s balancing operations in the WA power system; in particular,
in supporting its unique role in driving renewable energy platforms in WA,” he said.
The HEGTs will improve Verve’s plant efficiency through the more economical use of fuel following the decommissioning of older equipment.
According to Verve, the new HEGTs will help the environment through improved efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions.

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