Well flows at best condensate-gas ratio in Greater Poseidon area

wellAN exploration well in the Browse Basin owned by Karoon Gas and ConocoPhillips has successfully flowed condensate-bearing gas, boosting the commercial prospects of the Greater Poseidon area offshore WA.
Proteus-1 ST2 had a maximum flow rate of 7.3 million standard cubic feet per day with a flowing well-head pressure of 4457psi.
Karoon reported that the test was conducted in Jurassic-aged rocks of the Plover and Montara Formations in WA 398P.
“In order to maintain hole stability, flow rates were constrained and initial analysis indicates that significantly higher flow rates would be achieved with appropriate infrastructure in place,” the company stated.
Based on well-test data, Karoon said it was highly confident that future production wells drilled adjacent to Proteus-1 ST2 could flow at commercial rates higher than 100mmscf/d. A condensate-gas ratio in the range of 19 to 22 barrels of oil per every million standard cubic feet of gas is the highest recorded from the Greater Poseidon area exploration campaign so far.
Proteus-1 ST2 is the third well in the Greater Poseidon area behind Kronos-1 and Boreas-1 that has been production tested, proving that development wells would produce gas at commercial rates.
ConocoPhillips is the operator of WA 398P as well as two other Browse Basin permits covering the Greater Poseidon area in which Karoon has interests.
The exploration program is expected to continue into 2014 using the Transocean Legend semisubmersible rig. A minimum of six wells are being drilled during the second phase of the exploration campaign.
“The principal objective of the exploration program is to better define the size and quality of the hydrocarbon accumulations within the…permits which contain the Greater Poseidon trend,” Karoon stated.
The joint venture has begun preliminary evaluation of multiple potential LNG processing concepts against commercial, technical, socio-economic and environmental criteria for its Browse Basin permits.