Working together to increase focus on health and safety

MEDICAL and security risk management company International SOS recently worked with Greatship Group to provide a range of services on the Greatship Mamta, a multi-purpose vessel currently operating offshore WA’s North West Shelf.
Greatship is a world-leading offshore service provider to the energy, exploration and production industries and engaged International SOS to ensure its client’s internal standards, key performance indicators and legal obligations were adequately met.
Greatship Subsea Solutions general manager Captain Nisha Jain said that in addition to Greatship’s specific project needs, health, safety and environment needs were paramount.
“International SOS has a great deal of experience working with major industries such as offshore, mining and aviation, and with our shared industry expertise we have been able to anticipate and adequately prepare for possible medical emergency situations,” Captain Jain said.
“When Greatship Subsea Solutions commenced operations in Australia, we had the recent experience of International SOS support during a project we executed in Indonesia.”
Captain Jain said that the services International SOS provided were flawless. “Their impeccable performance prompted us to consider using International SOS support in Australia as well. I had a choice of three medical support service providers but having previously worked with International SOS, they were my first choice,” he said.
Greatship and International SOS carried out a thorough risk assessment to review the needs of Greatship’s Australian operations. The team reviewed health and safety regulations in the Northern Territory and WA; the client’s requirements and capabilities during any medical emergency; the type and profile of the Greatship Mamta’s crew; and the medical facility available onboard and facilities available close by.
After its initial risk assessment, International SOS continued to provide a range of integrated services to the Greatship Mamta including the provision of onboard medics, medivac and remote medical assistance, onboard medical equipment and stores, as well as, regular newsletters and travel guidance.
“The partnership between Greatship Subsea Solutions and International SOS has led to an increased focus on health and safety,” Captain Jain said.

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