Workplace barometer highlights key staffing issues

RESEARCH released by leading workforce management and advisory firm Chandler Macleod shows that while the resources industry knows what type of people it is looking for in its workforce, it is not sure where it will find them. Chandler Macleod’s Workplace Barometer report, Organisational Agility: Navigating the Maze, found that 62 per cent of managers surveyed were confident that they knew which skills they would need in the coming 12 months. However, 89 per cent of respondents admitted that they would struggle to find talent with the required
The report, which surveyed managers across a number of industries on their company’s ability to weather turbulent economic conditions, highlighted a number of significant issues that are well known to Chandler Macleod’s specialist oil and gas recruitment team in Perth, WA. The
focussed area of the firm’s well-regarded engineering and technical recruitment division utilises strategies such as talent mapping of engineering professionals and strategic sourcing initiatives that incorporate local, regional and offshore channels to assist oil and gas clients in securing the critical engineering talent required at the key stages of construction, operations and decommissioning.
The Workplace Barometer report found that companies within the resources sector would continue to struggle to attract talent if they did not improve their start-up packages for potential employees. With sought-after candidates being more demanding and looking for a more rounded package, Chandler Macleod believed that oil and gas employers needed more flexibility with their entry salary and benefits packages if they wanted to attract workers with the required skills.
Managing the workplace culture has also  become increasingly important, with 81 percent of respondents saying that it had become a major part of their role. As such, employers who did not engage their workforce and address the factors that drive attrition, such as a poor management culture, could find it increasingly difficult to retain staff. Chandler Macleod’s work in the area of organisational culture supported this view, with measurable increases in productivity, engagement and retention of high-performing talent being a common result.
The firm’s oil and gas specialist recruitment team regularly assists employers in assessing the attractiveness of their employment offering. This includes an analysis of salary and benefits packages, the profile and attractiveness of the projects on offer, and the culture and reputation of the
client as an employer.

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