World leader launches new subsea lifting cranes

A worldwide leader in crane and lifting technology, Liebherr has entered the Australian market with offshore crane technology, particularly focussing on WA. The company has been very active in the mining industry for many years, with a strong service centre in Perth.
Liebherr recently received an order to supply customised cranes for Chevron’s Wheatstone project in northern WA. In cooperation with its partner DSME’s shipyard in Korea, Liebherr will deliver state-of-the-art offshore cranes destined to operate on an LNG facility off the Pilbara coast, 12km from Onslow.
The cranes will be built in full compliance with Australian Crane Standard AS 1418 and with consideration of the International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive Atmospheres’ hazardous areas objective. In order to provide a fast and easy approach to servicing WA clients, Liebherr’s offshore division has joined forces with Enermech Australia, also in Perth. Liebherr recently released a new series of subsea lifting cranes to handle loads of up to 250t and down to a 3000m water depth. The new range of equipment provides features such as active heave compensation, foldable knuckle booms, variable LeBus grooving on winches (to accomodate different rope sizes and lengths) and Pactronic power-saving accumulator systems.

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