World’s best practice keeping Barrow Island pristine

PROGRESS at the Gorgon project has been described as coming to “the end of the beginning” by Chevron Gorgon downstream manager Paul McGrath, who spoke about the logistics support for the project in a conference session at AOG 2012.
Mr McGrath said the project on Barrow Island off the coast of northwest WA was 36 per cent complete and on target to achieve its fi rst LNG in 2014.
With Barrow Island being classifi ed as a Class A nature reserve, Mr McGrath said that Chevron’s stringent quarantine management system was likely to be the world’s best practice, aiming to protect plants and animals that did not exist anywhere else in the world.
He noted that one example of the strict practices undertaken by the project was the shrink wrapping of machinery in order to ensure that no insects or other species were introduced to Barrow Island.
“I’m very pleased to report that in the last two years, our quarantine management has served us very well indeed and we have not introduced any non-indigenous species to Barrow Island,” Mr McGrath said.
“There’s an enormous amount of energy [being put in] to ensure that we remain efficient, and an enormous amount of energy to ensure that we protect the environment and make sure that we leave a legacy to Barrow Island for our children and our children’s children.”
He said the focus of the project’s quarantine logistics in the next two years would move internationally, as large modules and pipe racks were scheduled to be delivered to the island from China, Korea and Indonesia.
Mr McGrath said that with the Gorgon project now beginning to focus on the commissioning and start up phases of the LNG facility, 48 modules would be delivered to Barrow Island from July this year


By Danica Newham

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  1. Alina

    April 12, 2012 at 6:24 am

    it is nice to hear about something like this.

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